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Building Granny Flats in Australia

The building of granny flats across Australia has just become a more popular thing. This is because the government has now dictated guide lines on when they can be permitted to be built. Prior to this action, granny flats were at the discretion of local authorities as to whether or not authority to build them should be granted. Although even now, the ultimate authority is still the local or state governments, they seem to be content on sticking to the guidelines and happy to do so. This means that for instance, if you live in Sydney and want granny flats Sydney support, you are very likely to get it now, more likely than you would have been in the past.

Basically the guide lines allow you to build a granny house on your property, proving that your property is bigger than 450 square metres and you already have a primary residence built on it. The actual granny flat must be in the same name as that which the primary residence is in and it must not exceed 60 square metres in size. This limit of 60 square metres can be extended by 12 square metres but only if that 12 square metres are a veranda or patio. However, the granny flat must never be bigger than the primary residence and so if the primary residence is 55 square feet, the granny flat can only be 54. As you would probably expect with a granny house, it must be totally self-sufficient meaning; it must have its own bathroom and kitchen as well as a bedroom and living space. The granny flat must also have its own pathway and must have its own individual entrance meaning, access to the granny house cannot be via the primary residence.

Some people choose to build their granny flat as an extension to their own house by attaching the two buildings to one another and although this may seem like a good idea to some, is there really any advantage considering that the granny flat must be totally self-sufficient. Even if your house has a spare room that can be converted, you will still have to make an outside entrance to it.

Of course this encouragement by the government to guild granny flats has become very popular because it affords the owners to earn more income from renting out the flat until they are finally ready to take up residence in it themselves, if they ever do. Having tenants on your property can also be a bonus as it may act as an additional deterrent for potential burglars and could also come on handy if they are agreeable to baby sit on occasions.

In all, the new regulations seem to be liked by the government, the granny flat builders and the local authorities as they quickly processes requests for the building of granny flats, usually approving their building within 10 days, which is far swifter than it used to be before the new regulations were introduced.