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When moving from one state to another within Australia, not only do you have the regular stress involved with any move but you also have the additional stress of that moving states may have, such as a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration and insurance. Of course any move can already be stressful enough especially if you have kids and so you have to arrange for a change of school and the kids being upset about leaving their friends and so added to that the extra stress from an interstate move, you are looking at a potentially stressful period, one which many people do not like to have to experience more than once. Fortunately there are removal companies that deal with interstate moves on a regular basis and so they can at least help to relieve some of the stress from the actual moving.

Some experienced interstate removal companies are available online, like and by contacting one of those, you can help reduce the stress. These companies are experts and so know many of the hassles you will be stressing over and can usually assist in relieving at least some of them. For instance, knowing which items will have to be packaged for safe transit may be a daunting task but the company may be able to advise you on that and even assist with packaging materials and the actual packing. Their experience will be of great help as they know which items are particularly subject to damage, if any, during the long truck journey. Usually one of these companies will have some insurance but it is worth checking with them how much of the insurance covers damage or loss to your belongings and if you think it is inadequate; get your own additional coverage to be sure that the whole value of your belongings is covered.

If you have chosen a known reliable company, you should not have any worries about them not showing up on time and that the time they gave you as an arrival time at your new home, is accurate. You may though have stress as to how you will manage to both be present at your old home for the loading of the truck and also be present at the new home for the off- loading of the truck. This is stress which is unavoidable but you must make plans that will work as not being present for delivery will bring its own financial penalties. For instance, if you drive and expect to overtake the truck, if you have mechanical trouble, delaying you so that you cannot meet the truck, the company will leave your belongings with a local storage facility and you will have to pay to get them out and provide transport to move them. If you do not have someone you can trust to be at the receiving end, you should perhaps consider either sending a family member on ahead or having your vehicle transported there whilst you use public transport to reach on time.